Create a unique brand identity for your school

Since 2006 Gumption has assisted dozens of schools and educational facilities across Western Australia develop a unique identity that reflects who they are and assisted them to share their vision with their community.

A process has been developed that takes the school on a journey of discovery as they develop a brand, with potential to engage their community in the process. Deliverables include a comprehensive presentation showing how the brand could work in action that seeds ideas through detailed visuals, and a brand toolkit to enable schools to implement brand touchpoints.

Once their brand has been completed, Gumption has partnered with many of these schools guiding them through implementing the brand to create visually exciting and engaging environments on the school grounds and creating tools for engagement with their community and the general public.

If you would like to talk to Gumption about your school brand, business plan, PBS or other design projects then we would love to hear from you.

School brands powered by Gumption

Aspiri A
Aubingrove B
Augusta A
Bayntonwest B
Broomenorth A
Carlisle B
Carnarvon B
Cloverdale A
Cometbay B
Dalyellup A
Endeavour B
Forrestfield A
Karratha A
Lagrange B
Makyberise A
Manjimup B
Meadowsprings A
Margaretriver B
Montessorigardens B
Newman A
Orelia B
Piarawaters A
Rivervalley B
Rockinghambeach A
Southbank A
Waggrakine B
Wandering A
Wickham B
Woodlandgrove A

What principals have to say...


Our school had outlived the logo and branding created in the 80s and we were very fortunate to be recommended to Gumption who provided clear guidance on the process from the very beginning. Craig from Gumption systematically sought out our context and values resulting in a very clear picture of our core belief structure. There was exemplary communication management and Craig went above and beyond to assist in the implementation phase. The artistry of our final design was brilliant and the modernisation, with a connection to historical components, was masterful. The reaction from all stakeholders has been very positive with a deep connection to the underlying story being told and colours utilised.

Heather Fallo
Principal, Ashburton Drive Primary School


Gumption have been extremely easy to work with and very clear and prompt communicators. We have had very few changes over the design process due to the clear questions outlined in the brief. Gumption was able to provide a whole school brief that outlined all of the possible use of future graphics, prompting the development in areas we had not considered. The work has been of a very high quality, with Gumption able to outline the potential needs of printers, web designers and related services in order to fulfil a comprehensive product. Through the brief Gumption was able to capture the essence of the school vision and provide a highly professional presentation that we were able to take to the school Board, School P&C, Staff and community. The end results have been extremely well received and we are thrilled with the final product and the quality of support provided throughout the process.

Lis Turner
Principal, Waggrakine Primary School


We are passionate about school vision and values and Gumption has played a pivotal role in assisting us to communicate consistently and coherently  to our community. One of the things that I have most appreciated is the capacity to really listen. This ability to hear both what is important to us in our hearts as well as our minds has enabled Gumption to develop school logos, website, flyers, and signage which have become highly effective symbols for communication with our community. Our school logo, for example, is embedded with a narrative which tells the story of who we are as a community and our shared expectations, hopes and dreams for our children. I am always appreciative of the time made readily available to myself to discuss any new venture or concept as this enables Gumption to not only respond very quickly but also to respond in a way which so succinctly meets our needs.

Steph McDonald
Principal, Makybe Rise Primary School


The quality of service provided by Gumption has always been excellent. The personal interest and pride Gumption take in their work was evident from the start and the questions asked were strategically framed to ensure they extracted as much detail as possible about our aims and needs. Gumption set about creating a branding package that united the key ideas and imagery together. The result was not just a logo, but a story that Gumption told that matched perfectly what the community had tried to articulate and provided a distinctive identity making us instantly recognisable in the wider community.

Will Davis
Principal, Oakwood Primary School


Gumption is very experienced in working in the ‘schools’ domain and has amazing talent in converting the intellectual, contextual and imaginative into graphic statements that are contemporary, ideally suited to the school and the community and visually superb. In every instance their end product has been outstanding. On each occasion that I have contracted Gumption, they have nailed the design first time. Imaginative, captivating, perfect fit and visually stunning are examples of comments around Gumption’s work by members of staff, School Boards, community and external stakeholders. Gumption’s communication is excellent, and they commit a great deal of time and effort in understanding the brief in terms of need, concept, context and audience and I have found them to be incredibly thorough, patient and engaged.

Noel Morgan
Principal, Aspiri Primary School


The efforts of Craig from Gumption to understand our school has been the foundation from which we have developed a strong working partnership. He supported us to capture the thoughts, feelings and ideas from the broad range of stakeholders within our community which ultimately catalysed the design and delivery of an energising new look for our school. The work is exceptional and the flexibility to assist on tight turnarounds and unique projects is always greatly appreciated. The brand created for us has had an immense affect across the school in bringing about greater cohesion, a strengthened sense of identity, and a sharp, professional aesthetic to our school brand. Craig is the consummate professional and his expertise and knowledge of schools is the reason we look forward to a long standing partnership with him.

Cameron Lindley
Principal, Carlisle Primary School


It was very evident in my first meeting with Gumption that I had chosen wisely a company to lead us in our re-branding process. Craig’s personality is warm and his approach to clients is relaxed allowing us to feel safe and supported in outlining our goals and intentions for rebranding. He listened to the story of our school, understood the context and vision and then helped create an amazing brand. It was a brand that reflected the core values of our school, our school motto, our community and the strong sense of connection and unity that we needed to move forward as a school. Gumption’s influence and ideas brought to our school a new sense of pride and respect and ultimately changed the perception of our community towards the school culture, which had in the past not always been positive.

Gareth Palmer
(Former) Principal, Manjimup Primary School